Jun 7, 2015

Moving day

After much thought, I am returning to writing online--and returning more regularly than I did before, I hope. Games, film, and writing about fiction writing are my areas of focus. However, it is time for me to start with a fresh canvas for a new stage of my growth as a writer. Like a Marvel hero, I will be reborn.

Today, I put together a Strange Country Tumblr (no "Gone to"; the one way I agree with Mark Zuckerberg is in the area of dropping words from titles). The new space is mostly design-ready, but I do need to add actual posts to it yet. For now, feel free to bookmark the Tumblr for future browsing.

The Strange Country blogspot will remain for sentiment's sake, but I will no longer be here.

I will make one more post here, announcing when I put up content on the Tumblr. Then it's on to my new home, no regrets. I hope you will follow me there.